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Eircode Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Eircode Case Study


The Client is a specialist provider of washroom hygiene services to both public and private sector organisations. They moved over to Hopewiser from a competitor a number of years ago, as we were able to save them a considerable amount of money with our easy-to-use yet highly effective solutions.

They already use our Address Lookup integration for Sage CRM, which enables the capture of accurate and complete addresses from either a postcode or partial address within the CRM platform. Data quality is extremely important to the company’s logistics and distribution planning.

However, when it came to delivering to their customers in Ireland, a need was identified for longitude and latitude data. The inability to capture such information was greatly impacting the quality of the output data. This can lead to a number of problems; failed deliveries and customer issues are just a couple of the associated risks.


Hopewiser suggested an Eircode lookup which is Ireland’s official postcode system. The Eircode Address File (ECAF) enables users to capture and verify all 2.2 million address points with their Eircode and postal address. The seven character alpha-numeric code assigned to each commercial and residential property will accurately identify delivery and pick-up points, which is particularly useful for the 35% of addresses in Ireland without a name or number.

They also opted for the Eircode Address Database (ECAD), which contains additional information data for each address. For example, alias address information, geo-coordinates, boundary data, and building information.

As an approved Eircode provider, we were able to simply add the dataset to the already purchased Address Lookup API, and the Client subsequently embedded the product as part of their CRM customer creation.


Hopewiser’s solution has helped the Client improve the quality of their data capture. When entering the details of any new customers in Southern Ireland within their CRM, the Address Lookup API now returns both the address and Eircode data. This information is then used for scheduling visits by their fleet of vans across Ireland, thus improving logistics and distribution planning.

The company has also greatly reduced failed deliveries and customer service issues, which in effect maintains their brand image. This has had a positive impact on profits, as accurate address validation optimises postal discounts.

“The latitude and longitude data derived from the Eircode solution is of great value to the business, as this is how we plot the delivery driver’s route. It’s nice to have a consistent solution.”

, updated 15th February 2023.