• Writing Mail sortation software since 1992

  • Royal Mail accredited supplier

  • Work alongside Whistl, Swiss Post and others mailsorting millions of letters each year

  • Use our Bureau Service or choose Installed Software, a simple to use interface with a quick and easy set-up

  • Enhance your data by referencing additional Data Sets such as International, Geo-demographic, Location or Business information.



Ability to run Low Sort, High Sort Mailsort and Mailmark jobs. Mailmark brings constant visibility for your mail and the performance of Royal Mail allowing you to make quicker and better business decisions.  You get immediate notice when your mail reaches its destination allowing you to time your follow ups and other resources much more accurately.

Maximise Discounts

Save significant amounts of money on your bulk mailings with maximum Royal Mail discounts. On larger quantities and/or heavier weight mailings you may be able to save up to 30%* of your postage bill using our bespoke Mailsort system.

* Postage cost savings depend on quantity, weight, database quality and postage class (Mailsort 1, Mailsort 2 etc.)

Save Time

Save time with a quick set-up interface for frequent Mail Sortation. Easy mailing label printing and compliance reports to Royal Mail standards.  Saved sequence settings when you want to run a job again.

Improve Reporting

Improve reporting with full compliance reports to Royal Mail standards, including Computer Planning Report created containing cost calculations for the mailing.

Better Decisions

Constant visibility for your mail and the performance of Royal Mail, allowing you to make quicker and better business decisions.


Improve international addresses by adding missing local elements, formatting to the country's standard and producing the national version, e.g. Firenze not Florence.

Which addressing tool is right for me?

Installed Software

Installed Software

For more frequent users of Mailsort we have installed software, allowing you to do it all in-house. Accredited by the Royal Mail the system delivers all the data sorting and reports you need to be eligible for the bulk-mail discount services offered by Royal Mail, UK Mail and other DSA's. Easy to install and simple to use.

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Bureau Service

Bureau Service

Mail Sortation can be carried out via Hopewiser's Bureau Service. No contract, we will process for free to check your discounts and you just pay for the files you need. In addition we can offer address cleaning, including providing international data sets.

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