Premier League: Brought to you by Hopewiser



After England’s devastating semi-final loss against Croatia in the World Cup 2018, many fans were either left with a big football-shaped hole in their hearts, or despite the anguish they were proud of how far their country had come for the first time in 28 years. You have to admit, it is quite an achievement and we’ll all pray for a better outcome the next time round. However, it is time to dry any tears because the football season is back! Yes, the Premier League kicked off on Friday, August 10 with Manchester City and Leicester City taking the stage.


You should consider Hopewiser’s free and easy to use app, Proximity, as your best friend when it comes to catching a glimpse of the action this season, as it enables you to find your nearest public transport links. That’s right, bus stops, train stations, and even Metrolink stops! The app simply calculates your current location and provides you with a list of the nearest ones. This means you’ll be able to hop on at your most convenient transport stop and head straight for the one nearest to the stadium. What more could you want? Wait for it, there is more!




Not only does Proximity provide you with your nearest transport links, it has also provides users with a list of the nearest football grounds as well. So if you find that there’s a match you want to attend, simply use Proximity to calculate how far away the stadium is and then you can plan your journey there. Simple!


If, however, you’re trying to stick to a budget this summer and find that Premiership prices are a bit too steep, then don’t worry because Hopewiser has another solution for you. You don’t have to attend a Premier League match to enjoy the football fun this season, as there are plenty of National League North matches for you to choose from as well, and you can access these stadiums in Proximity too. Also, if you fancy dabbling in other types of sport then the app has all sorts for you to choose from, such as cricket, rugby, and even ice hockey.


Anfield Stadium, Liverpool


Whatever your plans are for the football season make sure you download Proximity for a stress-free way to enjoy the match. For your free download, head over to the App Store or Google Play today. Enjoy!