NHS Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Birthday cake


A very Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS! On this day in 1948 the National Health Service was born at Park Hospital, Greater Manchester, now known as Trafford General. This was a pivotal moment in history for the U.K. as the introduction of this new service was to change healthcare in this country forever.


Many people take the NHS for granted these days, which is understandable as it is all they have ever known. However, what they sometimes forget is that before 1948 no such healthcare system existed in Britain, meaning people had to either pay for treatments themselves, or if they couldn’t afford that luxury, they sadly had to suffer and muddle through. Reminiscing about how things used to be really makes you appreciate how lucky we are today.


Also celebrating her 70th birthday today is Lindy Mirabitur, who was the first baby to be born on the same day that the NHS was founded. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News she stated, "My dad used to joke I was the baby they had for free". Pre 1948, pregnant women who did not want to give birth at home had the option of bringing their child into the world at a maternity home. Wait for the catch...they had to pay. Yes that’s right, you were charged an upfront fee for one of the beds at the home for the duration of labour, birth, and any necessary care afterwards. That said, along with Lindy’s parents joy at her birth, they were subsequently reimbursed for the maternity home fee as a result of the new NHS. Could you imagine the uproar if we were to go back to these historic ways?


Lindy went on to train as a midwife in the 1960s and embarked upon a fruitful career in the health service, eventually retiring to a life of gardening and the grandchildren after becoming the Designated Nurse for Safeguarding in Rochdale. Lindy added, “The best aspect of being a nurse was working out in the poorer communities where you really felt you were making a difference to the lives of children and families.” From all of us here at Hopewiser, we hope the NHS and Lindy have a wonderful 70th birthday.


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