Monday Motivation

Courtesy of OpenStreetMap


Ah Monday Motivation. Some of us have it, and some of us don't. I guess you could say Monday's are sort of like Marmite. You're either a lover or a hater. That's made the team at Hopewiser come to the conclusion that your motivation levels are a reflection of how happy you are in yourself. The happier you are as a person may contribute to you being more motivated in both your career and personal life. At the other end of the scale, if you are unhappy in your life then it might make you less motivated on a daily basis...especially on Monday.

Research by the Independent reveals the happiest and most affordable places in the UK (see the above image courtesy of OpenStreetMap). For example, at the top of the scale is the northern county of Cumbria. With a population of 495,000 it is the third largest county in England. It is also home to the Lake District National Park which attracts approximately 15.8 million visitors each year. Not only does this well-known county offer good quality of life, but it also has reasonable housing prices too with the average property price standing at £195,140 as of August 2017, according to Zoopla. See, it's not so grim up north after all!

However, a smaller price margin doesn't necessarily determine one's happiness nor motivation. Researchers for the Independent also showed that the more expensive areas in the UK contain many a happy resident. For example, the average price of a two-bedroom property in Winchester and Chichester stands at £330,000 and are described as "expensive yet happy". I guess you could argue that the happiness of residents in these areas is a reflection of higher salaries meaning they can afford more expensive properties. After all, some people are motivated by money.

The least happy places to live in the UK (according to the Independent) all seem to revolve around London...don't shoot the messenger. Boroughs including Lewisham, Haringey, and Brent all made the "least happy and expensive" list. This could be due to the highly dense populations having an effect on housing prices. For example, the average price of a house in Lewisham comes in at £505,000, according to Foxtons. That said, it may not necessarily mean residents are unmotivated. Many people's careers take off in large cities such as London, therefore, people may need to endure a little unhappiness for a while in order to achieve their dream career goal. That's motivation in itself. And let's be honest, to afford London prices you're going to have to be somewhat motivated.

All of us here at Hopewiser want you to be as motivated and happy as possible (even on Monday), so why not download our app, Proximity, where you can look up any address in the UK with a given postcode to find out the best transport, leisure, and school facilities. This way you'll be able to find the happiest and most affordable place for you, meaning you'll be more motivated than ever.

We hope you all have a fantastic Monday!