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How Much Does it Cost to Use Hopewiser?

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How Much Does it Cost to Use Hopewiser?

Our commitment to pricing transparency means there’s a lot of information to take in on our pricing page. Here we provide a more in-depth explanation so you can get a better understanding of how Hopewiser’s pricing architecture works whether your business is based in the public sector or the private sector. This will help you choose the right service and get the maximum value from our products for your budget, at your point of entry.

Hopewiser provides a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure you get the most out of your data. From email address validation and payment validation, to data cleansing tools and de-duplication management services, we have it all covered. We understand that data is crucial for any business to stay ahead of the competition which is why we are trusted by banks, police services, retail businesses and more.

How Pricing at Hopewiser Works

Data Validation Tool

Our online data validation tools allow you to check customers’ contact and payment details against verified databases. This ensures accuracy and efficiency, helping you create targeted marketing campaigns and gain customer insights, for example.

Every time you look up a piece of address data, for instance, you enter a partial address to receive the whole, it counts as one click. You buy clicks as bundles from as little as 500 clicks. The cost per click decreases as the size of the bundle increases on a sliding scale. In other words, the more clicks you purchase, the better the value for money.

For address validation, use Hopewiser to access a number of established additional datasets. Pricing varies depending on the dataset you use:

  • Royal Mail PAF – A collection of approximately 30 million UK postal addresses. Pricing starts at 6.5p per lookup.
  • Multiple Residence – This file contains address information for dwellings within multiple residency buildings such as blocks of flats. Pricing starts at 7p per lookup.
  • UK PAF + OS AddressBase – An up-to-date database with information on addresses, properties, and land from the Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey. Pricing starts at 8p per lookup.
  • International Address Lookup – Access to address databases from 242 countries. Pricing starts at 7.2p per lookup

You can also use Hopewiser if you want to check your email list for spam or inaccurate addresses. Our software checks an email address against a number of criteria such as whether a mailbox is active, ensuring high-quality email validation for an enhanced user experience.

We also offer a bank account validation tool that works in real time to ensure you receive payment and avoid fraudulent purchases. When a customer enters their bank details, Hopewiser checks it against the Extended Industry Sort Code Database.

  • Pricing for payment validation starts at 7.7p per lookup.

payment price

Data Cleansing Tool

Use our online customer data cleansing tools and services to update or remove inaccurate customer information in your database. This is vital to ensure you have high-quality in-house data sources so that you can reach and target customers with your campaigns, plus make informed business decisions.

When you opt for Hopewiser’s accurate online data cleansing tool plugin, you’ll receive a free summary report before you take action. Prices start from £30 and you will be charged on how many records you want cleansing and how you want them to be cleansed. For the de-duplication management tool part of the service, the price varies depending on the volume of records you wish to check. Furthermore, when you check customer information against suppression files to see if their information must be removed as they’re deceased or have moved abroad, you’ll only be charged if Hopewiser finds a data match.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden fees. Hopewiser’s fees are entirely transparent. We’ll even do our best to ensure you get the most value for what you pay.

Say you use our address validation tool and postcode address file to look up a postcode in Altrincham and the postcode has multiple streets attached to it, you then have to search through these streets to find the address you’re looking for, it only counts as one click.

To give you another example, say you’re cleansing a dataset to find deceased or goneaway individuals. As mentioned you’ll only incur a fee if we get a match in our suppression files. Not only that, the fee you incur will be for the match found in the cheapest file.

Our goal is to get you the best data quality possible therefore we never maximise suppression matches to increase the cost to you.

Register for a free data look-up and cleanse trial account today to explore the tool’s rich features.

, updated 23rd January 2024.