Hopewiser Staff Pass PRINCE2 Course With Flying Colours

Training session


Here at Hopewiser we strongly believe in giving our team members the opportunity to better themselves both academically and in the workplace. If your staff members have a higher self-esteem then their level of performance at work is bound to be higher too. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us.


Earlier this month, four members of staff from Hopewiser attended a three day PRINCE2 Foundation Course at George House, Nantwich. An introduction to PRINCE2 principles, the course is designed to enhance project management skills and improve overall confidence when it comes to leading high profile projects. These are valuable attributes that attendees can subsequently apply to their role within the workplace.


No prior knowledge was required before the course commenced, however, the group were given an initial online training course to complete to provide them with some basic knowledge to prepare them for the more involved content when the course began. This pre-course lasted around 1 hour before a short 30 minute exam that tested the knowledge they had learnt.


When it came to the actual course the staff highly praised their teacher, Stephen Boronski, and his teaching methods. Development team member, Stephen Worthington, explained that after being taught about a certain subject, their understanding of the topic was tested in various different ways to avoid becoming monotonous.


For example, the tutor asked questions along with four possible answers and the students were asked to respond by individually holding up a card with the letters A, B, C, or D. Additionally, the team were split into groups of 2 or 3 and were provided with a task. Each group appointed a leader to write the answers to what was normally a hypothetical example in which they had to apply the skills and knowledge that they had learnt.


Over the course of the three days, the foundation course covered four integral parts of PRINCE2. These included Principles, Themes, Processes, and Project Environment. The group were taught how these important aspects could be applied to managing a project and transferring the deliverables to the customer. This will bode well for the staff at Hopewiser when it comes to servicing clients.


On the final day of the learning experience the staff completed an hour-long exam that comprised 60 multiple choice questions, covering the topics they had studied over the previous three days.


Support Assistant Manager, Amy Croft, said: “I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. It is good to know about a worldwide recognised project management method. I think it is useful that a number of people within Hopewiser now have an understanding of it and using some of the methodology for future projects will give us a consistent approach.”


If you feel as though your business would benefit from PRINCE2 Training, you can view the array of courses available on their website.