Hopewiser's 37th Birthday

Today Hopewiser turns 37 years old. It was on 12th March 1982 that we were founded by Phil Good. Prior to our formation, Phil had designed a fully automated credit reference system and was looking to expand on its possibilities with the aid of British postcodes, which were introduced in the late 1950s.

Phil and his technical team at Hopewiser developed the first commercially available address management software package for Mainframes, based around the Royal Mail PAF, which subsequently made us the first licensed value-added reseller (VAR).


JD Williams, a Manchester based mail order company, were our very first client and still remain as loyal as ever to this day.

37 years and six UK offices later, the company has been operating out of our current building in Altrincham for over 12 years now.  Expansion globally occurred with an office in Melbourne, Australia in the year 2000, covering Australia and New Zealand to start with.

We've experienced a number of changes throughout our journey. However, our core purpose to provide the most accurate in address and data cleansing solutions still remains at the forefront of the business. We were the innovators that started the addressing market and through-out our life have continued to innovate and still do today.

We pride ourselves in working in partnership with our clients on a collaborative basis to produce the best solution for their business. Our postcode lookup and data cleansing software solutions are used by leading organisations worldwide and proven to save time and money by accurately capturing data in real time and reducing wastage on our client’s marketing spend with no more goneaways, duplicates, and deceased records.

Our General Manager UK, Jonathan Good, explains why the business has maintained its success after all these years and the plan for the future:

Hopewiser was built on the same family values that continue today; to be honest, provide value for money, support the way we want to be supported, and to be the best for quality and accuracy.

We have been fantastic at support and development work, but we need to become more of a 'sales and marketing' company to promote our brand and grow. However, not at the expense of our morals or our family feel. The development roadmap is exciting, which we look forward to rolling out.

From early on in our life, Hopewiser has hired university graduates and other young people onto employment schemes in order to help with their personal development and provide them with a start on the career ladder. As well as being our birthday, today also marks a whole year of service for one of our staff members. Trainee Quality Assurance Analyst, Alex, joined the company exactly a year ago today and has thoroughly enjoyed her tenure at Hopewiser so far. She adds:

My first year at Hopewiser has been extremely enjoyable and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It has been a learning curve, and I have gained a lot of knowledge in a short space of time. As part of the training scheme I have also gained the ISTQB Software Testing qualification, which I am immensely proud of having achieved.

The other employees at Hopewiser have made me feel so welcome, and I look forward to what the next year will bring.

We'd like to thank our loyal personnel and clients for making the past 37 years a success and we look forward to the next 37 years.