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Summer barbecue


Ah, Summer. Longer days, warmer weather, exotic holidays, the smell of sun cream lingering in the fresh blue-skied air. And then there’s the food. Who could forget? There’s the mojitos, ice creams, barbecues, as well as various other feasts lined up in our Supermarkets. Not forgetting the copious amounts of cheese and crackers washed down with a bucket of red wine. Basically, if you’re like any normal person your summer has been filled with everything that’s bad for you. We don’t blame you. After all, most things that taste good aren’t very healthy, are they? And if you’re reading this and are one of those health-conscious people, please don’t rub your avocados on rye in our faces.


If, however, you can relate to our reminiscing of the devil's work himself, it’s time to put those vol-au-vents down (for now at least) and listen to the advice of your dear friend Hopewiser. It may only be August but it’s time to start thinking about the next season of eating until your heart’s content...Christmas! With only 132 days now is the time to get in shape ahead of the festive season. Closer still is the Christmas party (insert Darth Vader music)! So if you’re carrying a little holiday weight or simply want to tone up in time for the work’s do, dig out that tuxedo or little black dress and let Hopewiser do the leg work...well, we’ll point you in the right direction anyway. If you’re feeling really determined, buy a completely new outfit in your target size and work towards that!


People running on treadmills


Whether you’re a stranger to exercise who’s never set foot inside a gym in your life, or a full-blown gym maniac who’s looking to try somewhere new, consider our free app, Proximity, your best friend. This easy to use app will allow you to find your nearest leisure centres within a given postcode, meaning that you’ll be able to choose facilities that are located nearest to your position whether you’re at work or at home. Additionally, Proximity provides you with all your nearest transport links, whether that be trains, buses, and even the Metrolink. Now you’ll be able to plan your journey wherever you’re going!




For your free download head over to the App Store or Google Play today. And don’t forget to tag us in your photos to keep us informed of your fitness progress. Just remember, the harder you try to eat healthier and get fit in the lead-up to Christmas, the less bad you’ll feel about eating those pigs in blankets and all that Christmas pudding when the festive season finally comes around. It’ll be worth it, we promise!