Festive Addresses Quiz

Christmas tree by the fire


Here at Hopewiser we love everything about addresses. Cleansing, deduping, verifying, you name it, we do it. We recently came across an article in The Times' Bricks and Mortar about festive addresses, and it inspired us to create our very own festive addresses quiz to help get you into the Christmas spirit. After all, there's only 7 days to go! Simply look at each set of pictures below, and piece each set together to form a list of festive addresses. We have to admit, there's some rather unusual ones in there. Once you have completed the quiz, reveal the answers at the bottom to see if you were right. Good luck, and enjoy!


Festive Addresses 1


Festive Addresses 2

Festive Addresses 3



Finished? Do you think you've guessed them all correctly? Take a look at the answers below and find out for yourself!




1. Turkey Island, Southampton

2. Berry Bank Lane, Chichester, West Sussex

3. Pudding Gate, Beverley, North Humberside

4. Holly Bush Cottages, Colchester

5. Chestnut Court, Wrexham, Clwyd

6. Mistletoe Drive, Sheerness, Kent

7. Tinsel Road, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

8. Shepherd Lodge, Andover, Hampshire

9. Christmas Eve Cottages, Stowmarket, Suffolk