Escape the Van

Being able to work in a team is integral to any business with a passion to succeed, and Hopewiser are not exempt from that. In fact, we value team building so highly that our U.K General Manager, Jon Good, kindly arranged for the team to take some time out of their day to ‘Escape the Van’.


On Tuesday, employees split up into groups of five and each were allotted 60 minutes to find numerous combinations to open a series of padlocks which revealed clues that helped them to escape the confined space. The heat was on in both the teams’ momentum and the glorious July weather outside, making it rather stuffy inside the van. That said, everyone had a wonderful time and it was a great team-building experience.


Here are a few photos from the day:


One of the team's who didn't manage to escape in time


The one team who did escape


The victory group during a briefing


Test tubes and the timer inside the van


One of the tasks involved measuring a skeletons heartbeat


To finish off we had to solve this complicated equation