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Business Admin Apprentice

blog | 3 min read

Great to have you on board Harry!

As our second Business Admin Apprentice that has started this year, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have lived overseas since I was three years old, in countries such as Malaysia, Bahrain, Thailand and Kuwait. I have always felt very lucky to have seen so many different places, meet new people and their cultures, but I have always considered England as my home as I have all of my family here. I had some work experience whilst living overseas, but only temporary, voluntary and unpaid, such as coaching football teams and helping out in Thai schools.

In 2017 I moved back to the UK and went to university where I did Sports Studies at Southampton Solent University and graduated in 2020, when COVID hit. I started looking for jobs straight away. I began labouring work on a construction site for a short time, worked as a sortation associate for Amazon, and then worked in retail as a store assistant at Aldi. I applied for Hopewiser as a Business Admin Apprentice in the new year and started on March 1st.

Why did you choose to have a career change and apply for the Business Admin Apprenticeship?

I decided to change my career direction towards business because I had enjoyed studying it as a subject during my A Level studies and I want to have experience of working in an office and understanding how a business runs. Furthermore I like to learn new skills and I enjoy meeting people and listening to their ideas. I always look to challenge myself as I believe this helps you become more creative and it helps you grow as an individual as you gain knowledge and life skills.

It is early days, but what are you enjoying most about Hopewiser so far?

I feel that I have settled in well. Normally I am a quiet person, but the people here are very welcoming and helpful which has made me feel comfortable. My colleagues are always willing to answer any question I have and are willing to come and help me when I need it. I like being introduced to all the different departments that helps the business run and I learned that teamwork and communication is important as there is a clear collaborative aspect to the work carried out.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I am not working I like spending time with my family, working out in the gym, going for walks and playing video games.

, updated 11th August 2022.