The Best Computer Science Graduates for Your Business

The time of year is fast approaching where students ditch the textbooks and head out into the world of work. For some, it will be a summer internship to bridge the gap between academic years, whilst others will be nearing the end of their hard-earned degrees and will be looking to enter full-time employment. Either way, this is an ideal time for your business to fill the places on your graduate and internship schemes.

With 130 universities in the UK and 2,343,095 students in higher education in the year 2017/18, finding the right graduates for your business can be a challenge. For those businesses in the technology sector, bridging skills gaps has never been more important, therefore, it's vital that your resources are invested in personnel with the requisite capabilities. We took a look at four of the top 10 universities for computer science:

Imperial College London

ICL are known for their impeccable teaching quality, and offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in their Department of Computing. The options available to students range from three-year Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Computing to more bespoke four-year courses such as the Master of Engineering in Computing (Software Engineering).

If your business is based in London, the likelihood is you've come into contact with this university before as the department has a long tradition of successful industry relations. The Corporate Partnership Programme is designed to help both organisations and students find the perfect employment match. Industrial placements, talks, events, and competitions are just some of the perks available to those involved.

Imperial College London was the alma mater of Hopewiser Australia's General Manager, Matt, and states the university attracts excellent academics and students whose interests lie within a smaller sphere than most universities.

"The education here has always included a large element of practical application, as well as a strong focus on developing and extrapolating concepts from existing knowledge, so critical analysis and development of ideas were strongly encouraged even at undergraduate levels.

"The skills I developed in my time there have served me well and allow me to continually learn, develop and apply them even after 25 years since graduating."

Computer Science Graduates

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester's School of Computer Science is the longest established school in its field in the UK, as well as being the largest. It boasts four research bodies which contain a merge of 10 individual research groups. The large number of study programmes on offer to students means this red brick university really does cover all areas. Whether your business is looking for graduates who specialise in artificial intelligence, software engineering, or advanced computer science, Manchester caters to every need.

The School of Computer Science has a large and active Industry Club, which is open to organisations looking to employ students before or after graduation and is facilitated through careers fairs, tech-talks, and guest lectures. Subsequently, many of the school's alumni go on to work at a variety of universities and research laboratories around the world, including big name organisations such as Amazon, Web Applications UK, and Bentley Systems.

Loughborough University

Ranked fourth in The Guardian University Guide 2019, Loughborough University is also one of the top universities for computer science. With a rich scheme of undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes, potential employees for your graduate scheme may have studied Loughborough's Computer Science and Mathematics, Information Technology for Management, or even Internet Computing and Network Security.

With 82% of its students finding graduate-level employment or going on to further education within 6 months of graduating, this university sounds like the real deal. In fact, the team in Computer Science won department of the year in this year's Loughborough Academic Awards. The institution also hosts an enterprise scheme to help facilitate placement years or short-term summer placements for students in their industry of choice, ranging from small businesses to multi-nationals.

Those students who are required to undertake a placement year must be employed for a minimum of 45 weeks, usually taking place between the end of their penultimate year of study and the beginning of their final year. This mutually beneficial arrangement provides students with a lengthy period of time to gain valuable industry experience, and allows businesses to hire them on a temporary basis to see how well the company benefits from their work. After all, hiring young people is a great way to close any skills gaps your business may be suffering from.

Computer Science students employed on a graduate scheme

Durham University

The final institution in our top four universities for computer science graduates, is Durham University. Ranked sixth by competitor league table, The Complete University Guide, Durham is the third oldest university in England and makes a frequent appearance in their top 10 list. Despite having less variation in terms of course offerings, students can still undertake computer science-related degrees at bachelor's, master's, and PhD level. This means your business will be able to choose students from different academic levels, depending on the degree of skills and knowledge needed by your business.

Durham is proud to host the award-winning social enterprise, Stemettes, which strives to inspire the next generation of females into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In an age of equal opportunities, working with such an organisation will not only help to diversify your business, but it will enhance your brand image too. It's extremely important for businesses to take these measures, particularly in computer science roles, which is known to be a heavily male-dominated industry.

Here at Hopewiser...

The company has employed many a university graduate over the years, including our recent additions to our sales and marketing teams. Hopewiser's graduate scheme is designed to attract bright, conscientious workers who are eager to learn and wish to broaden their horizons. Employees have the opportunity to gain experience in their field of study, or train in something completely different. Inevitably some leave for pastures new, however, others stay and have been with the company for many years now.