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Well we’ve had fun in the office today!  We have indulged our senses and appetites with Hopewiser’s first Dessert-a-Thon.

Film and TV. Two leisure activities that just about every Brit loves. Thanks to the rise of instant streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we can officially say we’re living in the golden age of screen entertainment.

It is all you’ll ever need to find everything you want either on your doorstep, or in many of the Cities throughout the world!

The new right to erasure or “Right to be forgotten” part of the GDPR has got a few people confused, so allow me to explain. This means that companies can no longer keep a person’s data indefinitely.

The GDPR comes into effect 25th May 2018. This will usher in new rules on how companies can collect personal information from people.

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a new job role described in the GDPR, they are the person in charge of keeping a company GDPR compliant.

We have been working with data for over 35 years so are well qualified to sift through the new Regulations to bring you the "Truth About GDPR".

As the deadline for GDPR compliance looms with the prospect that my company could incur huge fines, my dilemma is, “how am I going to protect the database I have and gain the marketing consent I need”.

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