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Address Lookup Ropes

Address Lookup

Postcode lookup makes capturing addresses faster and more accurate than typing it manually. A faster, easier way to capture accurate addresses in your online forms and CRM.

Address Lookup is an advanced data capture tool based upon delivery points held in the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). It enables the user to capture a complete and accurate address from a postcode and premise number or partial address, even if the postcode is unknown or the address is misspelt.

Test the powerful engine behind our address lookup software and services with a quick demo.

And if you represent an organisation, register for the full trial of  our Cloud Address Lookup – it’s a FREE, no obligation, no set-up fees, no maintenance and pay-per-click only if you decide to purchase.

If you are a registered Charity or Public Sector you may be eligible for discounts on our Cloud Services. You need to be registered with the Royal Mail/Ordnance Survey Charity/Public Sector Lists to be able to activate the discount on the Hopewiser Portal.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss how we can integrate our address lookup with your existing web forms or CRM systems.

Instant access, no obligation & no setup fees.


Customer address data that isn’t verified against an up-to-date reputable source will always lead to some inaccuracies when it is captured by your organisation.

Capturing incorrect addresses inevitably means higher costs and lower ROI; more returns, undelivered mail, abandoned online shopping transactions and frustrated customers.

To get the best return on your valuable customer address data, we recommend you validate against a rules-based solution, to intelligently assess each address element and return the most accurate match.  In addition we advise using an address lookup tool which is powered by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) and updated daily.

Address Lookup is available via the Hopewiser Portal for maintenance free access. It is updated daily and you will get access to the UK PAF, Not Yet Built, Multiple Residence, Eircode and International data.


Free access to easy CRM integrations for Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce, WordPress/Woocomerce plugins.

Pay per click model starts at a very low cost.

Management Tool with free detailed usage reports and autorenew.

Handy help guides and videos.

Secure data transfer and storage.

Sign up and have a go or alternatively contact us for more advice.