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Proximity is a valuable tool for Sales, Marketing and Distribution. Used to calculate the distance between geographical points.

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Proximity is a simple but effective Geographical Information System.

Using various grid-reference files, Proximity reports the nearest points to a given postcode.


the Benefits

Helps with logistic planning as it can be used to calculate the distance between you and your customer

Save time with an instant answer, no more consulting maps or directories

Increases accuracy of deliveries as results are based on grid references

Improve productivity by saving valuable operator and customer time, making your business more efficient

the Features

Creates a table of entries 

Flexible load program (also supplied in source code form) 

Provides a straight line, point to point distance in miles or kilometres. Returns the grid reference.

Customers can find out the location of your nearest store, outlet, office, or service and the distance to it.

Town lookups where exact postcode is not known using central town co-ordinates.

Provides barrier information to stop an “as the crow flies” route being considered when the actual trip would involve a river, estuary etc. 

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