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Email Validation for the Finance Industry

Deliver important communications, maintain a positive reputation and optimise the information in your database


Hopewiser works with banking firms, insurance companies and other payment-related organisations, and accurate data is seen as a high priority in businesses. Hopewiser’s tools and solutions provide accurate data, at competitive prices, without compromising on performance.

Our Email Address Validation service improves the quality of customer data, increases success of targeted marketing and allows better forecasts to be made whilst ensuring business communications are delivered efficiently.

The solution is available as a bureau service which handles bulk data, allowing you to cleanse all your email addresses in one go, or a real-time lookup using our API’s or portal application allowing you to check data at point of entry. We support organisations in the industry with our first-class knowledge and provide bespoke solutions to ensure data fits the needs of our clients.

In 2022, £1.2bn was stolen through fraud, pushing the finance sector to call for greater security and accuracy when dealing with sensitive personal information.

Data Protection laws such as GDPR classify email addresses as personal information. Therefore, storing inaccurate emails can be a breach of GDPR, resulting in large fines and damage to an organisations reputation. In addition, an ICO report found that emails were the foremost medium involved in data incidents.

Optimising data and keeping it accurate is vital amongst financial organisations, email validation is just one of the ways Hopewiser can help with this.

Benefits of Email Address Validation


Communicate Efficiently

Email Validation ensures that important information reaches your clients. It improves deliverability, your reputation as a sender and ROI, as well as reducing spam complaints and the risk of being blacklisted.


Strengthen Your Database

Email Validation identifies invalid, non-existent and risky email addresses. Accurate data enhances your database, leads to fewer issues, increases productivity and provides better visibility of customers.


Maintain GDPR Compliance

Organisations dealing with customer data must adhere to GDPR laws. Email Validation helps you identify invalid emails, for you to amend or remove from your database, minimising the repercussion of breaching such laws.

Efficient Reporting

Gain Valuable Insights

Valid emails allow your organisation to gain insights and improve business analysis, such as who to target. It also enables better business decisions relating to your customer base and helps to produce more effective solutions.

Increased Sales Conversion

Reduce Fraudulent Activity

Email Validation lessens fraudulent activity and sign-ups. When integrated into your platform, it will prevent invalid emails entering your system, help to avoid spam attacks, and safeguard your content, saving time and money.


Email Address Validation is a flexible solution available as a real-time service, where the status of the email address is reported instantly, or a bureau service, which deals with bulk data such as email lists.

We can report if an email is a catch-all, contains a disposable address or is a spam trap. This is ideal for businesses who communicate statements, material about new products or services, renewal notifications and other updates via email. Email Validation ensures these important messages are delivered to accurate email addresses.

Insurance companies who produce marketing campaigns need to validate their recipients emails to achieve ROI  and attract customers. Our bureau service allows you to discreetly validate data without sending an email to customers and we will provide a list of undeliverable, unconfirmed, harmful and disposable emails.

Credit Card companies may use our point of contact service as it provides real-time insights into email addresses. This is ideal if you have a small number of emails to check. It can also be integrated into your website where customers can verify their emails themselves during sign-up stages.

Some Of The Clients We Have Worked With



If you are validating your emails in bulk, we will also deduplicate your data as part of the service


Our reports on email deliverability will help you make vital decisions and improve your understanding of your customers


Our portal validation service is a simple but powerful tool, with online guides and user friendly wizards, available in a moments notice


We check all aspects of an email such as format, syntax, domain, DNS and mailbox to maximise high quality results


In the financial sector, data is transferred, processed and stored frequently, and as we know, data can lose accuracy at any stage of it’s life.

Data Cleansing enables you to achieve a high degree of confidence in your data, as it highlights discrepancies such as movers and deceased persons. We eradicate incorrect information from databases using a range of trusted sources.

A full cleanse includes Address Matching, Deduplication, Suppression and Mover Identification, leading to more succesful marketing campaigns, improved business analysis and satisfied customers.