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Data cleansing batch



  • Customer data decays quickly – in order to optimise your data for maximum results, it is important to ensure its accuracy.
  • By automatically verifying, cleansing and correcting address data you can improve customer service and perception of your brand and boost postal discounts for bulk mailings.
  • AtlasBatch is one part of the Atlas data cleansing suite which has individual components designed to cover your specific requirements. You can tailor the suite to your exact needs, thereby offering the best and most cost-effective solution without compromising or overspending.


  • Validates, corrects and enhances addresses in a bulk mode.
  • Ability to append additional information such as SIC codes and Grid references.
  • Includes a user-friendly setup wizard, steering the user through all steps of the process.
  • Verifies existing address records against official reference data, such as the Postcode Address File (PAF).
  • Adds missing address elements to ensure address accuracy.
  • Ability to work with partial and badly formatted addresses.
  • Address labels can be returned in a variety of formats including Royal Mail standard and British Standard 7666.
  • Can handle most industry standard database formats using ODBC such as delimited text, line sequential and fixed field files.
  • Analyses name information, correctly formatting and titling names.
  • Adds informal and formal salutations (e.g. Dear Sir) and valedictions (e.g. Yours Faithfully) according to the name.
  • Produces easy to understand reports which detail the matches and where the problems are.
  • Choose from Quarterly or Monthly updates provided on the PAF to maintain accuracy.


  • Save time and money with improved accuracy, helping you gain maximum ROI on your marketing campaign.
  • Improve your Corporate image with accurately addressed communications and avoid PR issues.
  • Increase company efficiency with improved analysis of your databases helping you make better business decisions based on accurate data.



Bureau Service

Batch cleansing is also provided as part of our Bureau Service available for customers with complex data cleansing needs or for those wanting to data cleansing without the expense of new software and staff training. Contact Us for more information.