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Atlas Client and SOAP API Postcode Lookup

Atlas Client API


AtlasClient API has an identical interface to the standard Atlas Development Kit (in terms of functions available) allowing on-premise integrations to switch to a web based solution. (Hopewiser’s Address Lookup self service account is required).

AtlasClient API ships as part of the standard Atlas Development Kit, which includes complete documentation and sample integrations with various languages.

The development kit is not available as a download. To obtain a copy please contact us.

Quick Start Guide

  • To start you will need to register for an Address Lookup self service account.
  • Replace underlying on-premise core / engine component with the client version as directed in the toolkit documentation.
  • Users migrating from standalone Atlas will only need to change the path parameter given to the AH50FH_Open function from a local pathname to a URL of the form.[?maf=optional-maf-id]


Full documentation and guidance, as well as client source and wrapper components where applicable, are included in the AtlasClient developer toolkit.


Only nominal changes should be required from the traditional on-premise integration (unless additional functionality is required in making the switch).

Common Output Fields

Various, and dependent upon the referenced Master Address File (MAF). These are detailed in the hosted service and toolkit documentation available on request.