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Discover Address Lookup – Travel Industry

Case Study | 3 min read

Discover Address Lookup for the Travel Industry

This client is an expert in tailored holidays, making travel arrangements for millions of customers every year through a number of UK and Ireland high street outlets and online.


The organisation was capturing and verifying address data via an installed software solution supplied by Hopewiser’s competitor.  However, they began to feel that their supplier was not the easiest to deal with.  They experienced many changes of personnel, poor customer service and sporadic support, but changing supplier looked problematic so felt, ‘better the devil you know’. They were led to believe by the incumbent supplier that it would be very expensive to change over and the downtime for swapping solutions would be significant.

The Solution

Hopewiser was initially approached to supply software to work with Eircode (Irish post coding data).  Working on this solution meant Hopewiser and the organisation formed a good relationship.  It was noticed by them that Hopewiser’s account management personnel, support team and service levels far exceeded their incumbent supplier for address verification.

During talks, the organisation expressed a desire to move away from an installed address verification solution towards cloud based software. They explained to Hopewiser their concerns regarding downtime and service levels (having been told no cloud based solution could manage the large amount of lookups they requested each day).

The Result

Hopewiser introduced the organisation to their pay per click Address Lookup solution.  It is easily integrated through pre-built integrations or APIs and can be included into website forms or CRM systems in minutes.   It is highly extendable with additional extra data sets such as International data, grid references and bank account validation and always up-to-date with daily postcode address file updates.

The Travel organisation took the REST API solution and using their own technical team was able to install the software onto their systems quickly and easily.  They had no downtime or support problems and have been running the software for over two years.

“I was told by other providers that a cloud based solution would be slow performing, but Hopewiser has proved this incorrect.  The software was easy to integrate and is highly reliable.  We run around half a million address lookup requests per year. Having a cloud solution means I have no maintenance or upgrade costs and using pay per click means I have saved significant amounts of money against the renewal cost of our previous installed solution.” Technical Director, Travel Group


The organisation perform six data cleanses per year, for around 200k records. As the relationship is going so well, Hopewiser has introduced its Bureau Services to the account for future cleansing.

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    , updated 15th August 2022.