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Ryan Achieves Distinction in Master’s Degree

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Ryan Achieves Distinction in Master's Degree

If you’re a frequent reader of Hopewiser’s blogs, you may recall our Marketing department’s interview with the University of Salford from last year. Ryan, our Digital Marketer, came to Hopewiser in 2018 on what was originally a six-month work placement to supplement his master’s degree in digital marketing. The brief for the job role was to implement a B2B digital marketing campaign that increased Hopewiser’s website traffic and conversion rates. This is something that Ryan had grasped a lot of theoretical knowledge about during the taught aspect of his master’s, however, the placement at Hopewiser provided him with the practical experience of fully devising and carrying out a campaign.

Having realised the benefits of employing someone whose sole focus was on digital, we offered Ryan a permanent position within the first six weeks of the placement. In a nutshell, he accepted and continues to market our addressing software and data cleansing solutions today.

Throughout the initial six months, Ryan logged the details and success of the campaign in his work-related dissertation that studied the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy when it comes to increasing website traffic and conversion rates for a business. Fast forward to April 2019 and we are delighted to announce that he has recently received the news he will be graduating with a Distinction!

Speaking of his success, Ryan said:

“I cannot express how happy I am at being awarded a Distinction for my MSc, overwhelmed isn’t the word. It’s over 12 months of hard work that has finally paid off. Returning to university to study at master’s level was one of the best decisions I’ve made, as it has furthered my career prospects and given me an insight into the world of business. Not to mention that I wouldn’t be here at Hopewiser today had I not chosen to open the textbooks again.

“I’ve always been a strong believer in the philosophy that if you want something badly enough, work hard and then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve your goals.”

Ryan majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Salford’s School of Arts and Media. However, during his studies he realised his passion for marketing and subsequently enrolled at the Business School in late 2017 which secured his footing in the industry.

“There was always something about digital that I was drawn to, even in my journalism days. Digital platforms are a vital medium for the press to convey stories and current affairs to the audience. The ability to sell a product via social media, for example, is an extremely valuable business tool in my opinion. The benefits are endless, and I think that’s what pushed me down the marketing route.

“People are very quick to criticise social media, and whilst I agree it certainly has its pitfalls, it’s something that my generation has grown up around. No one can predict the future, but I think digital marketing will certainly have a strong presence.”

Ryan prides himself on his strong work ethic and a constant yearning to learn something new, so learning about Hopewiser’s products and being able to market them was something which he took in his stride. He expresses that one of the many interesting lessons he has learnt throughout his time at the company is the importance of data cleansing.

“In the world of business GDPR affects our everyday lives, and marketers are no exception to that. Having clean data is vitally important to a successful marketing campaign, and I’ve found it really eye opening just how many companies aren’t compliant with data legislation. Recent figures show that 74% of organisations still aren’t GDPR compliant.”

Now that our Digital Marketer’s educational studies have finished, he is looking forward to graduating in July and continuing to market Hopewiser’s products and services across the array of platforms that the digital world has to offer. Congratulations on achieving a Distinction in your MSc Digital Marketing.

, updated 2nd August 2019.

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