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Data You Can Trust

Here are the major data sets and data sources used by Hopewiser. In addition, we use other data sources from time to time, depending on the requirements of the project.


Postcode Address File. is the primary reference for all address data in the UK and contains over 1.8 million UK postcodes and over 30 million residential and business addresses. The file is updated nearly 5,000 times a day.


Multiple Residence Data from Royal Mail provides access to self-contained flats, sub-divided houses, apartment blocks, halls of residence, and nursing homes. Lookup and verify over 800,000 additional premises not included in the PAF.


By using Not Yet Built together with Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF), businesses can identify and deliver services to the addresses of properties that are at the planning and construction stage. The additional dataset holds more than 500,000 new homes and offices not yet in PAF.

International Address Data

Verify and capture addresses from 242 countries around the world. International data is accessed within our cloud self-service Portal.


Eircode, Ireland’s official postcode system to Improve the accuracy of your deliveries within the Republic of Ireland.


Goneaway Suppression file is validated across multiple, trusted sources. To find if any of your customers have moved and identifying forwarding addresses.


Re-Mover is a goneaway data suppression file which contains details for more than 90 per cent of home movers in the UK.


Purifi Suppression launched in 2015 the DBS Purifi suppression file contains twelve million goneaway records


Gone-away file - Powered by Zoopla Property Group. Unique and exclusive data source that identifies home moves as they happen.


Next-Generation Mortality Screening. Launched by Shine Customer Knowledge; a business which brings together a team with over ninety years of combined data quality experience.


Mortascreen is a trusted solution for deceased data management. Contains more than 10 million deceased records sourced over two decades.


National Deceased Register is recognised as an accurate and reliable deceased suppression file and is used by many of the country’s leading data bureau and data processors.


The Bereavement Register captures an average of 85% of verified UK deaths and currently includes nearly ten million records


Mailing Preference Service is a free service for consumers which allows them to register their wish not to receive unsolicited direct mail


Telephone Preference Service is the official opt-out register on which consumers can record their wish not to receive unsolicited marketing calls.


Corporate TPS. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the CTPS.

Companies House

Supplied by the Government and includes such information as registered address, company type, the nature of business or standard industrial classification (SIC) company status, such as 'live' or 'dissolved.


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