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Your Online CRM Portal for Address Cleansing

Get Your FREE Data-Quality Report Today!

As a CRM professional, you know the value of your customer data to your organisation. And you know only too well the risks associated with inaccurate customer data: higher costs and lower ROI from your campaigns plus the potential to damage the reputation of your brand.

Would you like to know how many of your customer records
are matched, duplicates, goneaways and/or suppressed?

With our online portal for address cleansing now you can.

Try our address cleanse free trial and get your data-quality report!

With our free trial, you can try our online portal for Address Cleanse and get your own data quality report too.

You’ll be able to upload your entire customer address list and process it against our up-to-date databases –  PAF, Deceased, Goneaway, MPS, TPS and more – to provide you with the insight you need on the quality of your list.

Try our no obligation, address cleanse free trial and see the quality of your customer data!

Our Address Cleanse Portal

Three insightful reports in one:


Address Report

Percentage of matched correct addresses

Percentage of matched but updated addresses

Percentage of unmatched addresses


Duplicates Report

Percentage of unique records

Percentage of parents

Percent of duplicates


Suppression Report

Percentage of contacts not suppressed

Percentage of deceased contacts

Percentage of contacts who have moved

Percentage of contacts listed on the Mailing Preference Service