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Predict trends, provide targeted marketing & enhance UX

Collect and analyse accurate data to improve marketing and customer service strategies.

Hopewiser will improve your data visibility and data quality to provide more consistent information to use as a baseline for decision making, analysis and targeted marketing.

Verified, streamlined and enhanced data will make it more actionable, helping you and your customers make better decisions.

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Improve Customer Service

Enhance your customer experience by merging multiple streams of data to form a single source of truth. This saves costs, increases data confidence and also improves sales, operational efficiency, compliance and targeted communications.


Reduce Failed Deliveries

Adding address verification to your online checkout removes the issue of incorrect data being entered by shoppers. Hopewiser provide seamless plugins for address lookup and autocomplete for real-time address validation.


Build Trust With Customers

At Hopewiser GDPR is at the core of our operations, it provides a blueprint for us to follow when we use customer data. If customers can't trust you with their data, 88% will walk away. You can trust us. We only use the most reputable data sources and secure processes.

Enhance Clienteling Processes

Integrate Address Lookup into your CRM software to capture and lookup customer data. This will improve analysis, productivity, customer service and enhance marketing outreach.

Increased Sales Conversion

Develop Customer Loyalty

Through accurate data analysis you can monitor the buying habits of customers to help with personalised communications. Personalised marketing is proven to be more effective in ROI, creating better conversions, customer service and brand loyalty.

Discover which products can help you

Whatever strategy you use there is only one bottom line; to improve data quality in order to provide the best customer service and reliable information that will serve as a baseline for decision making.

Our data solutions will enable you to verify your customers and structure your data so that you can personalise products relevant to them. By identifying customers you can predict trends, improve the customer experience, retain customers and make better strategic decisions.


Address Lookup

Improve customer service by using our address lookup software. A complete address will be produced when a partial address or postcode is entered.


Data Cleansing

Highlight any discrepancies, such as movers and deceased persons to optimise your customer data

Efficient Reporting

Bank Account Validation

Reduces fraud risk by checking bank account data in real-time at the point of entry so you can avoid erroneous and fraudulent payments.


Email Validation

Improve your marketing campaigns by verifying the email addresses in your database to ensure communications reach the right targets.

Case Study


Case Study

A popular UK manufacturer and home improvement firm were looking for a way to automate data updates, integrate online reporting and track address lookups as well as being able to purchase online.

After integrating Address Lookup to their website, the firm now use the online service from Hopewiser to track usage which helps to plan and analyse during peak business times. The flexibility of Hopewiser’s address lookup also means the amount of clicks can be tailored to suit the various requirements of customers.

Retail businesses can similarly benefit from these results. Address Lookup can save precious time and resources, and by making checkout/renewal process simple and more efficient, the overall customer experience will improve.



How can you make me make the most of my data?

Big data analytics will enable you to create customer recommendations based on their purchase history. This results in personalised shopping experiences and improved customer service.

Data from analytics also helps with forecasting trends and making strategic decisions based on market analysis.

To address these needs, data must be accurately captured so that subsequent analysis of addresses and names is true. For example, when using geographic location as a reference point to profile data it stands to reason if you do not have an accurate address then your statistics will be inaccurate.