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Atlas for Salesforce


  • Complete address capture solution.
  • Allows you to capture an accurate and complete address from either a postcode or partial address, and place it directly into Salesforce in real time.

Quick Start

The installation packages are unmanaged packages that contain the static resources, Visualforce pages and the Find Address buttons. Installation packages are available for different editions of Salesforce Classic.

If you have SalesforceIQ Starter edition or Salesforce Group edition, visit this URL to install the package for Leads, Accounts and Contacts into your organisation:


If you have Salesforce Professional edition or higher, visit this URL to install the package for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Orders and Contracts:


Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization please visit one of these URLs instead:


or, for Professional edition and higher:


  • Provides a quick and easy method for capturing addresses from either a postcode or partial address
  • Operates at all address entry points, ensuring a consistent method of address capture throughout the system
  • User-friendly interface, which is cross-browser compatible
  • Easily deployed and seamlessly integrated within Salesforce Classic
  • Formats the address to meet Salesforce requirements


  • Validate addresses in real time
  • Enhance your database by improving the accuracy of your data
  • Save postcode look up time and enhance your corporate image with correctly formatted and accurate addresses
  • Use with UK or International data, supports both the UK PAF (Postcode Address File) and International data sets including Eircode.
  • Download in seconds and customisable, follow a link, log on to Salesforce and you will be up and running in minutes.   There is very little set-up and it can easily be configured to work with any forms you have.
  • Great for SMEs. It is available on Address Lookup so no need to buy a licence. Just download the software, register for an Address Lookup account and buy your click bundles.


You must now add the Find Address button to the screens on which you wish to enable address lookup, and enter your token username and password into the configuration. Please see the Administration Manual (PDF) for details.

User Guide

Download the User Guide (PDF).


Will my Hopewiser CRM integration still work if I upgrade my CRM platform?

This largely depends upon the CRM platform in play. Please contact Hopewiser Technical Support to confirm upgrade compatibility.

Where do I set my Address Lookup token credentials?

These are entered (when you are looking to use and external service instead of local datafiles) in the <PafLocation> tag of the hpwConfig.xml. Latest versions of the integrations should have the <username> and <password> tags already in situ to utilise. Earlier versions of the CRM integhrations will need to have these included in a single service URL. Please contact Hopewiser Technical Support for guidance on the latter method if needed.

Why do I have the word ERROR! in red beside Atlas popup address window address fields?

This implies an error with the mappings associated with the field(s) in question. Please refer to the hpwConfig.xml mapping value concerned, or alternatively, assess the same through the page http://<crmroot>/Hopewiser/config.aspx.