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Atlas for Sage CRM


  • Easy method of capturing addresses from only a postcode and premise number or name, or from an incomplete address that may exclude a postcode.
  • Greatly speeds up the process of keying names and addresses into Atlas for Sage CRM while at the same time ensuring accurate address information is captured.
  • Supports both the UK Postcode Address File (PAF) and International Postal Authority datasets. The flexible architecture also enables support of various alternative domestic address files, e.g. a Local Land and Property Gazetteer.

Quick Start

To purchase Atlas for Sage CRM please contact us.

Integrations are shipped with an installer and complete documentation, including an Administration Manual and User Guide.

After installation, you will need an Address Lookup service account and a ‘live’ click bundle.


  • Operates at all address entry points in Sage CRM, ensuring a consistent method of capturing address data throughout the system.
  • Provides validation of customer and prospect details on entry and throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Provides an easy method of capturing addresses from only a postcode and premise number or name, or from an incomplete address that may exclude a postcode.
  • Provides partial address look-ups, enabling accurate addresses to be captured from incomplete information.
  • Incorporates a user-friendly interface which requires minimal operator training.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage CRM Sales, Marketing and Customer Services functions.
  • Operates with Server and Solo Client installations, enabling remote users to work independently.
  • Supports various International Postal Authority datasets, formatting addresses to Sage CRM requirements.
  • Incorporates flexibility to operate with additional sector-specific address datasets, maximising business efficiency across all industries.
  • Atlas for Sage CRM is easily deployed and seamlessly integrated within the Sage CRM environment.


  • Greatly speeds up the process of keying in names and addresses.
  • Offers rapid address postcode look-ups.
  • Ensures the capture of accurate address information.
  • Reduces capture time and improves operator efficiency.
  • Ensures validated data, maximising customer analysis and subsequent reporting.


Will my Hopewiser CRM integration still work if I upgrade my CRM platform?

This largely depends upon the CRM platform in play. Please contact Hopewiser Technical Support to confirm upgrade compatibility.

Where do I set my Address Lookup token credentials?

These are entered (when you are looking to use and external service instead of local datafiles) in the <PafLocation> tag of the hpwConfig.xml. Latest versions of the integrations should have the <username> and <password> tags already in situ to utilise. Earlier versions of the CRM integrations will need to have these included in a single service URL. Please contact Hopewiser Technical Support for guidance on the latter method if needed.

Why do I have the word ERROR! in red beside Atlas popup address window address fields?

This implies an error with the mappings associated with the field(s) in question. Please refer to the hpwConfig.xml mapping value concerned, or alternatively, assess the same through the page http://<crmroot>/Hopewiser/config.aspx.