Data Cleansing Bureau

Improve your data and get maximum mailing discounts with address validation, data cleansing, data enhancement and suppressions on your own database without the expense of new software and staff training.

Available as:
Installed Software Installed Software
Web Based Web Based
CRM Integration CRM Integration

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We offer address cleaning, including providing foreign data sets for countries including Germany, USA and Australia. We're here to give you peace of mind that your address data is correct without you having to carry out the menial work to prove it. Still not sure? We will check up to 10,000 records completely free of charge.

the Benefits

Reduce your costs by only mailing people who want to hear from you

Comply with regulatory legislation

Avoid damaging your reputation and upsetting customers

No hassle, no need to install software, train your staff or maintain systems. We do the work for you

the Features

Address cleaning, including foreign data for many countries e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA and Australia

Goneaway Suppressions, Mailing Preference Service, Telephone Preference Service

National Deceased Register, The Bereavement Register

Telephone and name enhancement data available

case Studies

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One of Hopewiser's oldest business partners is Paragon Software Systems plc, who are renowned in the world of logistics for their vehicle routing and scheduling software which optimises transport operations.

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