Foreign Addresser


Used for preparing and mailing international address files. It is designed for flexible use and to be integrated within your existing applications. Foreign Addresser uses the Atlas International Locality File.

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prepare and mail International Address Files

the Benefits

Simple to use and quick to process international files.

Increases accuracy as it allocates, confirms and/or corrects postcodes that relate to the International Locality File

Increases efficiency and reduces mailing costs with accurate International data

Saves time by preparing data to comply with country specific Postal, Telephone and Telegraph (PTT) requirements.

the Features

Parses a name and address into its separate components.

Determines country and allocates the ISO country code

Generates name and address match keys to standardise input data by catering for diacritical characters or different languages

Characters including diacritical characters that are input will be output in the parsed and mailing address fields

Produces activity and error/correction reports.

Presents the parsed components, match keys and mailing address to the user for storing in a database, printing, deduplication and matching etc.

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