2 Step Guide to Getting Your Business Ready for Valentine's Day

It's less than two weeks until Valentine's Day and how prepared is your business? If you're conducting a Valentine's themed marketing campaign, the likelihood is that the wheels are already in motion. Additionally, if you run a florist then your orders are probably beginning to pile in. Valentine's Day is a busy period for many organisations over a variety of different sectors, and whether you sell chrysanthemums or chocolates, it's hugely important that your business is fully prepared so that you can maximise on profits.

In 2018, Valentine's Day gift sales amounted to £650 million, which was a £30 million increase from 2017, and a £180 million increase from 2016. The chances are that spending statistics will be predicted to supersede again in 2019, therefore, now is the time to think outside the box and assess the ways in which you can outshine your competitors.

Valentine's Day shopping statistics

Follow these two steps to get your customers to fall in love with you this Valentine's Day.

Step 1 - Don't annoy your customers with incorrect addresses

It may sound both extremely simple and obvious, yet delivering to the right address as opposed to the wrong one is very important. It's the final step of the purchasing process and it's arguably the most crucial. Most ecommerce websites will have an address form complete with a postcode finder built into their website. However, not all address verification software is the same. If your website's address lookup tool is not accurate, then the likelihood is that the delivery of the goods won't be accurate either.


Address Lookup


So Take Control and Get it Right

Capture accurate name and address information correctly at point of data entry. It is vital in helping reduce costs, improve corporate image, and enhance your business analysis.

Integrate with Ease

Your business can have Address Lookup software installed into your web form or CRM, or if you'd prefer a quicker and easier option then you can utilise the tool online by purchasing bundles of clicks that enable fast, accurate address lookup. Not only is the solution easily integrated into your business, but it is also highly extendable with the option for bank account validation to help you reduce the risk of fraud. Additionally, daily Royal Mail PAF updates mean that the software is constantly updated.


Step 2 - Carry out Data Cleansing

For businesses that are planning on making large profits this Valentine's Day, it's important that your marketing outreach is not only thorough, but compliant with current legislation too. Most marketing managers will tell you that in order to conduct a successful campaign, you need accurate data.


Data Cleansing


The Benefits of Getting it Right

  • Improved accuracy will reduce wastage on your marketing spend with no more goneaways and deceased records

  • Merging disparate data and checking for telephone and mailing preference services will improve your files

  • Accurate data will avoid damaging your reputation and significantly increase customer satisfaction

  • Boost return on investment with reduced costs on all your mailings

  • Feel confident that you are compliant with data legislation

Integrate with Ease

Data cleansing is available to your firm on a variety of platforms. Firstly as an online solution which gives immediate access to the latest in-built Postcode Address File (PAF), Deceased, Goneaway files, MPS, and TPS. Ideal for SME's. Or as Installed Software, ideal for large quantities of address data to ensure optimum accuracy, and finally as a bespoke Bureau service to improve and enhance your data to get maximum mailing discounts on your own database without the expense of new software and staff training.

However you choose to maximise profits this Valentine's Day, remember without accurate data your fabulous marketing campaign could cause your customers to fall out of love not in.