How to Prepare Your Business for the Rest of 2018

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It’s a quiet afternoon in work. As you find yet another spare 10 minutes in your already tranquil day, you browse a couple of online shopping sites, quickly reply to that text asking what you would like for dinner, and perhaps you’re so relaxed that you even substitute that fifth americano of the day for a nice lemon tea. Oh what a life, eh?


Suddenly, reality comes calling! “Oh crumbs, I still haven’t finished the quarterly marketing plan. And I wonder if the client records have been updated yet? Drat, I completely forgot about the Christmas party”. Does this sound like your mid-afternoon nightmare? Maybe that americano wasn’t a bad idea after all. It’s time to wake up, smell the coffee, and get your business back into action for the remaining few months of the year. Are you unsure of how to do this successfully? Consider Hopewiser your guardian angel.


As a B2B company ourselves, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to keep your foot on the gas pedal during the quieter times of the year. However, those quieter times are a prime opportunity to take a step back and really think about what direction you can propel your business in. After all, if you don’t act now then your competitors are bound to and you may end up missing the boat, meaning you may as well not bother booking that Christmas party at all!



Top Marketing Trends For 2018



In the digital age that we businesses find ourselves in, you’d be a fool not to incorporate digital marketing into your operations. Organisations all over the world use an array of digital tools everyday to market their products because it’s the way forward and it doesn’t look as though there is any going back.


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We thought we’d check in with good old Forbes to see what the top marketing trends for 2018 are. According to the global media company, live videos feature at the top of the list. Whilst the author of the article, Karina Tama – Rutigliano, states she has experienced success with pre-recorded videos for her blog and social media channels, she expresses that more and more businesses are using live video as a medium for promoting their products. Given the fact that we’re heavily embracing digital marketing at Hopewiser this year, we couldn’t agree more! Take a look at some of our promotional videos on our website.


Meaningful content is also a big trend for 2018. Creating strong and relevant content that is tailored to your specific audiences across various channels will form a stronger connection with your current and prospective clients. This is a more cost-effective tool as opposed to paid ads, however, you do have the option to boost your content on social media for fairly reasonable prices. The more content you produce, whether that be blog articles or videos, the more likely you are to get noticed by other businesses. How great would it be if you were to produce a trendy, innovative series of content? It would certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons with your competitors, and who knows, you may even become a trendsetter. You can read some of Hopewiser’s content on our blog.


The last marketing trend that we are going to look at today is personalisation. That is something the team at Hopewiser strongly believe in. Personalising your content will not only shift that hard corporate interface from your brand image, but it will also show other businesses that you understand their needs and any problems that they are facing. Kind of like we are now. Receiving a good experience from your organisation will ultimately increase brand loyalty and subsequently repeat purchase. To show off how reliable and customer-orientated your business is, why not include a testimonial or two from some of your current clients to reinforce how your services have changed their lives. Here’s one of ours:


After looking at a number of suppliers for address management solutions, we chose Hopewiser because they can deliver on our requirements and provide the service at a keen price.” - Polly Lunn, JLA



Managing Your Company Data



Another important aspect of business that you need to ensure your company has boxed off by the year's end is data management. Why is that, you ask? GDPR for crying out loud! As a data management expert, much of our content over the previous few months has been related to the new regulations coming into force, such as “GDPR – One Week In” and “Hey it’s GDPR, Remember Me?”. These articles explore which companies have been caught out for not being compliant with the regulations and why others think they can get away with it too.


EU flag legislation


The bottom line is you don’t want to get caught for defying the GDPR because you could incur huge fines that may have the potential to sink your business. In fact, you could be fined up to a humongous €20 million! You wouldn’t throw that sort of money down the drain, would you? No. So don’t waft it in GDPR’s face because no company is invincible when it comes to data protection. It is imperative that you keep your data clean and accurate in order to adhere to the rules, so make sure your marketing is GDPR compliant, and also take into consideration the new Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) before you make a decision that you may regret in the future.


The good news, however, is that you needn’t worry about sifting through all those old records and frantically checking to see whether they’re still accurate and compliant. So who is going to do that for you? Well, that’s easy. Hopewiser’s fast and accurate Data Cleansing solution, of course. With a variety of software that can be tailored to suit your businesses needs, ranging from web-based services, installed solutions, and our new Bureau Service, you shan’t have to worry about data accuracy ever again!


Say, for example, you want to sort through your client list to ensure that you aren’t marketing to anyone that’s either moved house or sadly passed away. Hopewiser will provide you with the latest suppression files, such as the NDR National Deceased Register and GAS Goneaway Suppression, sending all your worries away to a blissful oasis.


List of suppression files


Further along the data scale, you may be encountering problems when it comes to compiling and processing customer addresses for your e-commerce website. According to DataIQ, 70% of firms are braced for data skills shortages this year. This will need to be nipped in the bud ASAP because if you lack an accurate address finder, then the likelihood is that your products will be sent to the wrong addresses. The customers will be hopping mad like cats on a hot tin roof, and you’ll probably lose out on future business. That wouldn’t be a great way to end the year would it?


Make sure you leave 2018 on a high note and be ready to embrace both the fundamentals and trends of data in 2019. By incorporating Hopewiser’s accurate Address and Postcode Lookup software into your business operations, either as an online solution, installed into your company’s system, or even as a CRM integration, you’ll have access to all the complete and accurate addresses you’ll ever need.


Address Lookup example


We sincerely hope that you have found these pointers of some use, especially if you’re sat in the office pondering over how to improve your business over the final stretch of the year. Come on, you’re nearly there now and if you adopt these key digital and data trends then you’ll be sure to soar into the New Year beaming with success and prosperity. Hopewiser wants to help you towards achieving your goals, so get in touch today to enquire about your free Data Cleanse and Address Lookup consultation. We promise you won’t be disappointed!