Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


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Can you believe that we’re already nearing the end of October? Where has this year gone? It doesn’t seem more than five minutes since the kids broke up from school for the summer holidays, and Christmas is now only 63 days away. That’s right, your eyes are not deceived...63 days! But before you start panicking about what little time you have to buy your other half’s presents, pick out wrapping paper, squabble with your siblings as to who is having mum and dad over for Christmas dinner, and shed 10 pounds before the works do, Halloween is next week! Haha you can forget losing the extra poundage now, because you’re about to be bombarded with lots of scrumptious sweeties! Mmm. Let’s save some for the ‘trick-or-treaters’, eh?


Anyway, digressing aside, you may think that you’re ready for Halloween, having sorted out your costume, your party, and any trick-or-treats that you have planned, but is your business ready for Halloween? Hopefully it is, but there will be many that haven’t even thought about how this national celebration could benefit your business. If you fall under the latter category then continue reading.


You may recall our article from last week about direct mail? We spoke about how it remains the most popular form of marketing, with a household response rate of 5.1%, as opposed to 0.6% for email and 0.4% for social media. You may be surprised by those statistics but the data never lies, as they say. It just goes to show that both consumers and businesses still enjoy receiving tangible marketing in an age that is predominately digital.




If you’re looking to experiment with direct mail then why not incorporate Halloween into your next outreach? If you get your act together now then you may just make it in time for next week, depending on how big your mailing list is. Last year, Hopewiser incorporated Halloween into our direct marketing strategy by sending out packets of tasty sweets to prospective clients. We linked the celebration to the forthcoming GDPR and attached an information card that was titled “Don’t be Scared of GDPR it’s an Opportunity”.


Not only was this marketing ploy very relevant in terms of timeliness to both Halloween and GDPR, but it added value to Hopewiser in a number of different ways. For example, sending out small gifts to both current clients and prospects shows people that you’re willing to go that extra mile by making a kind, heartfelt gesture. It will provide your company with a friendly brand image that is so vital in the business sector, whether you’re business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C).


Halloween direct mail


Additionally, Hopewiser provides an ideal solution that will help you to remain compliant with data audits such as the GDPR. The new regulations reshape the ways in which sectors manage their data, and whilst it gives customers more protection over how their personal data is obtained and subsequently used, businesses should see it as an opportunity to get their databases in order so that they’re only marketing to people who may be legitimately interested in their products. Why waste time and money campaigning to the wrong audience? It just doesn’t make sense.


Address Cleanse is a quick and easy online tool that cleanses your company data of any unwanted files. That’s right, all those duplicate records that have built up naturally over time, as well as any deceased and goneaway files, will be simply gone with the wind! Not only that, but you’ll also have access to the latest in-built Mail Preference Service (MPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS), and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) suppressions. That means any of your customers who are registered with preference services and do not wish to receive marketing will be highlighted when Hopewiser cleans your data. Address Cleanse will help you to become both compliant and efficient, in that you won’t continue your outreach to people who aren’t likely to become potential customers, thus saving you money to inject into other areas of your business.


Online Address Cleanse


If you are unsure about the state of your company data, then don’t hang around or you may live to regret it. A recent story from the Daily Express revealed what a no-deal Brexit may mean for businesses and their data rights. Chris Combemale, group CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), expressed there would be challenges in the flow of information between the UK and the EU if a deal is not struck. As an example, he added that a UK company who has EU customers may use an EU-based data centre, and stated, “If the UK leaves the EU without a data deal this company would lose access to its own data, as transfers from the EU to UK would be prohibited.”


EU flag legislation


Could you imagine losing the right to access something that belongs to you? How would you know whether your data is accurate and more importantly, GDPR compliant? Well that’s just it, you wouldn’t. Imagine then being hit with a colossal fine? It just doesn’t bear thinking about. So if you have any doubt about your company data, don’t leave it to chance, get it sorted ASAP!


On a lighter note, from all of us here at Hopewiser, we sincerely hope that you enjoy Halloween. Don’t forget to have fun, drink responsibly, and all the rest! For more tips on how to get your data in order and not get spooked out by GDPR or Brexit, sign up for your FREE copy of the Ultimate Guide to Data 2018. Have a happy Halloween!


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