Common Website Mistakes

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Creating a website can be tough. Let’s be honest, whether you’re a startup company just entering the business world or a large corporate chain in the process of a website redesign, mistakes are easily made. For example, no call-to-action, a lack of keywords resulting in poor SEO and an overall bad consumer experience. To many website designers and digital marketers these may seem like basic principles, but other companies may not be as savvy when it comes to designing and improving their website, leaving them with a sense of disappointment when their traffic figures are not reflected in their level of hope.


Does this notion feel all too familiar to you? Don’t worry, Hopewiser understands. It’s competitive out there and that’s why it’s important to get it right the first time. After all, if a customer cannot find what they’re looking for on your site then they will more than likely be able to find it elsewhere, unless you’re offering a never-before-heard of product, that is.


Now, every e-commerce website needs an Address Lookup service, it’s as simple as that. If you think that you can somehow get around not having this on your site then these are the reasons why you can’t. First and foremost, say a customer purchases one of your products and makes a mistake when entering their address into the delivery and billing requirements. If your website doesn’t have Address Lookup then you won’t be able to rectify their mistake and the product will most likely be sent to the wrong address. Big mistake. Huge.


Think about it, the customer will be annoyed and will either demand a resolution of some kind or perhaps even a refund. They may then refrain from shopping on your company’s site in the future if they deem their experience unsatisfactory. Subsequently, you will be angry at yourselves for losing out on a potential repeat purchaser, the added revenue, and the fact that you got what should be a very simple task, wrong.


Hopewiser is all about addresses. We love them, and it’s about time you did too. We provide Address Lookup as a web-based service on our site, installed into companies software, and also as a CRM integration. This means we can cater to you in whichever capacity you need.


For those of you wanting to trial this service to see if it’s the right one for you, then we would recommend our web-based Address Lookup. It is the quickest and most accurate online address lookup available. There are no set-up fees, no maintenance costs, and we also offer a free trial to get you started. Our daily PAF (Postcode Address File) updates and the option to add international addresses and bank account validation makes this a viable solution for e-commerce companies that are encountering difficulties in getting their website off the ground.


Web-based Address Lookup example from


Businesses that receive large volumes of transactions will benefit more from our installed software. We use the latest technology and it can be tailored to suit your business environment and search criteria. You can either pay per user or purchase a global licence fee. If this sounds more suitable for your website then please get in touch for your free consultation and we will send you our free product sheets.


The third addressing tool option for this service is CRM integration. This operates at all address data entry points which ensures a consistent method of address capture throughout the system. The software is easily integrated and is very user-friendly. It is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, and


Before you ask, it isn’t just e-commerce organisations that need Address Lookup. Other businesses such as membership clubs will need access to such data to send out newsletters and other marketing ploys. At the end of the day, good websites inspire confidence and show that the brand cares for its customers, whereas bad websites do the complete opposite. This can result in cart abandonment or membership cancellation, amongst other negative things.


Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to designing your website, be address smart and try one of our Address Lookup services. For more information and your free trial get in touch today. You won’t be disappointed!