Mail sortation software that accurately sorts your bulk mailings for maximum postal discounts

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the Benefits

Maximise Royal Mail discounts on your bulk mailings

Save time with a quick set-up interface

Improve reporting with full compliance reports to Royal Mail standards

Improve productivity and save time with saved settings

the Features

Ability to run Low Sort, High Sort, Mailsort, OCR, Barcode and Mailmark jobs.

Use AtlasLabel which is integrated into AtlasSort to print labels with a CBC, a Mailmark 2D or a Mailmark 4 state barcode

Print bag and tray labels or create a bag file that integrates with Barcode Warehouse tray label printers 

Computer Planning Report created containing cost calculations for the mailing.

Works with Downstream Access which enables third party transport operators such as Whistl to move mail throughout the UK to Royal Mail centres for the final end delivery.

Includes Mailmark. From July 4th 2016 old style barcodes for Business and Advertising Mail, sorted and unsorted will have a price increase of approximately 1.5%.

case Studies

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Hopewiser’s partnership with Kern is going from strength to strength with blue chip customers saving millions in mailing costs.

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